How it all began...

It was about 10 years ago, with a glass in one hand and an idea lurking around upstairs in my brain that I started on this journey of designing and custom making knives.   I have been a collector of custom knives most of my life so when the thought of designing and creating my own knives came about, I just went for it.  

My sons, JD and Miguel have taken interest in my hobby of knife making which, as a father, I was excited!  Who doesn’t love spending time with their children? But, because of their artistic imagination  and general love and appreciation for the craft,  both sons are now an active part of the designing and manufacturing of our knives.

We enjoy making various types of knife handle that provide not only that unique look, but superb functionality and durability.  We specialize in pine cone, cholla cactus, cedar post, barbed wire, shell, bone and other exotic type handles.

 We are located in the Heart of Central Texas and provide a service to knife collectors from all around the United States. 

 Fast forward 10 years later, Cutting Edge-Knife is becoming a successful knife making company.

Every weekend is a Rodeo, a team roping or an October-fest. A Christmas on the Ave or Las Vegas to the National Finals Rodeo.  We are always on the go!

We were honored to be the makers of the award knives for Cinch National Ranch Sorting Championships, National Team Roping League and the Ultimate Calf Roping Finals 2020-2021.   In 2023 we were honored to make the 35th Anniversary  knife for the Mule Deer Foundation and awarded the 2023 knife of the year.  (If you are going to dream, dream big!)

We strive to provide a great and enjoyable service to all.

If you any questions please feel free to call or send us an email!

Phone: 254-709-5491